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This is our anniversary draw of

             May 1st, 2019.

Must spend $55 or more before tax to able to put your name in our draw. 

Every time you come in and spend more than $55 you will get to put your name in the draw again before our draw date.

Start from April 1st ends April 30th, 2019

          Draw date: May 1st, 2019

Please note:

This draw is ONLY for in-store 

Any services that is over $55 would do. If you are a few dollars short, you can also pay the extra fee to meet our standard to enter your name in the draw. 

When it's draw time. We will call you, make sure you have your phone on. If we call and no body answer we will move on to the next person. 

Thank you for participate and supporting us all these years 

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